Here’s how a typical camp counselor/field staff spends his or her day:


07:15    Wake up
07:30    Morning Walk:  Get an active start to the day leading campers through a campus walk or other games/sports
08:30    Morning Circle:  Gather for daily announcements
08:45    Breakfast:  Help campers log their meal into their self-monitoring journal (SMJ)
09:25    Lead bunk clean-up, suit up in your favorite sport team gear for Spirit Day, ensure campers have their water bottles, SMJ’s and other gear and head to activity
0945    First Activity Period: Get active with team-building and ice-breaker games on the lawn
11:15    Second Activity Period:  Head to the fitness center, lead weight and cardio workout
12:30    Lunch: Fuel up, chat with co-counselors, brainstorm ideas for the evening’s photo scavenger hunt
13:15    Siesta: Supervise camper quiet time in bunks reading, writing letters home, and journaling
14:00    Third Activity Period: Lead campers in basketball or volleyball in the campus gymnasium
15:45    Fourth Activity Period: Escort campers to group behavioral therapy session, grab some “me time” with a quick run, check of email at the computer lab, or take fun photos of campers for parents’ blog
16:00    Snack:  Meet campers on central lawn for afternoon snack, help campers log snack in their SMJ
17:00    Fifth Activity Period: Help your co-counselor lead a Zumba class with campers
18:30    Dinner Circle: Volunteer positive reflections on the day, review evening announcements
18:45    Dinner: Enjoy meal with colleagues, help director assign winners of Spirit Day awards
19:45    Evening Activity: Get laughs and extra activity leading camper groups around campus for Photo Scavenger Hunt
21:00    Evening Snack: Gather outside dorms/cabins for low-fat S’mores or “No Pudge” brownies
21:30    Return to bunks with campers, hand out mail and help campers prepare for lights-out
22:00    Lights out:  Say good night to campers, walk a few rounds through the bunks, turn in for a good night’s sleep!