trackp1You can now choose from FIVE different tracks to add to our robust Foundation program:

  • Technology: Participants receive a FitBit Zip and learn how to use technology to help them reach their lifelong weight loss goals.
  • Adventure: One special outdoor adventure trip each week for three weeks.
  • Personal Training: Three additional personal training sessions per three week session.
  • Culinary: Three extra culinary classes per three week session plus a family culinary class after Family Workshop.
  • Education: Three one-hour study sessions per week for three weeks in a dedicated study space.




Is your camper always on his/her phone or mobile device? Turn it into a tool for lifelong change! Purchase Wellspring’s Technology track for $350 during your time at camp and receive:


  • A FitBit Zip
  • Curriculum on how to use the device and how to integrate it with your other smart devices to track activity and meals quickly and accurately.
  • Extra time with a Behavior Coach learning how technology can aid weight loss.
  • Extra internet time and/or daily smart phone time for over 18 campers.
  • Integration of technology with our Continuing Care program.




Purchase three weeks of Adventure Activities for $750. This track is available at Wellspring La Jolla, New York and UK only. Track includes:

  • One special outdoor adventure activity per week. Examples: ocean kayaking, rock climbing, stand up paddle-boarding, hiking or camping, fishing.
  • Accompanying lesson plans covering outdoor adventure topics like: Leave No Trace principles, local geology, climbing/camping skills, water safety.

Campers have the opportunity to try activities they may not have available at home and learn how much they can truly accomplish.



Personal Training

In addition to up to three Personal Training sessions already included in your camp stay, you now have the option to sign up for the Personal Training track. Campers receive three extra 60 minute, one-on-one personal training sessions with one of our coaches. They may use this time to focus on individual goals or learn new skills to take home. The PT Track costs $175 for a three week block.




Many of our campers love to cook and want more! Also, many of our parents have asked for Culinary lessons just for them. Now the Culinary Track gives you all you’ve asked for! Sign up for the Culinary Track for $175 and receive:

  • One extra Culinary class per week for three weeks. Lesson plans may include: Farm to Table, Farmer’s Market trip, Iron Chef challenge, expanding your Culinary Skills.
  • Family Culinary class right after Family Workshop.

Culinary track may not be purchased for the same session as the Education track.




Summer school assignments causing stress? Sign up for our Education Track and get three one-hour supervised study sessions each week for three weeks at camp. You also get open study Sundays to catch up on last minute work. Purchase the Education track for $175. Education track may not be purchased for the same session as the Culinary track.

All tracks except the Technology Track are for three weeks each. Purchase multiple sessions to participate in each track longer. Track contents vary by camp but follow a designated curriculum. Education and Culinary tracks may not be run concurrently. Tracks may be purchased while at camp.