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Are you a woman who wants to lose weight? Join the crowd. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, more than two out of three Americans need to lose weight.

Whether you put on a few pounds in college, can’t lose stubborn baby weight,  have had a recent injury or illness or face some other challenge to maintaining a healthy weight, the Wellspring Women’s Program in La Jolla, Calif., can help. We specialize in weight loss for women, and we’re here to give you help and hope as you combat extra pounds, and find a fitter and healthier you.

What is the Wellspring Women’s Program?
Designed for women between 25 and 65-plus years of age, our Southern California campus provides the perfect setting for your weight loss vacation. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend time under the warm sun and near the world-renowned La Jolla Shores?

While you’re here, stay at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). Don’t worry, though. You won’t feel like you’re back in college. Instead, you’ll stay in a comfortable dorm apartment. It features a private bedroom and a shared small kitchen, lounge and bathroom.

Why Participate in the Wellness Women’s Program?
If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change you can follow at home, work and normal, everyday life, you need our program. We emphasize long-term change and provide the resources you need for success.

  1. You’ll meet with a personal behavioral coach for one individual session and two group sessions each week. Here, you’ll identify your barriers to success, make goals and change your way of thinking so that you can lead a healthier life at home.
  2. We provide guidance and test your new skills during outings to the grocery store, restaurants and Disneyland, SeaWorld and other high temptation spots.
  3. Spend plenty of time exercising and relaxing on the beach and outdoors. Learn how to achieve fitness goals while you’re shopping, too.

Focus on Fitness
We understand that exercise can be challenging for all of our participants. In our state-of the-art fitness center, experienced fitness instructors won’t push you beyond your fitness level. Instead, we motivate and encourage you to stick with a fitness lifestyle as you participate in everything from aerobics and Zumba to water sports and yoga.

Meals Made Easy
No weight loss program is complete until you learn how to change your eating habits. You’ll love our selection of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. Plus, professional chefs create a variety of low-fat and vegetarian dishes, and we serve a self-controlled bar at every meal. We also teach you adapt your favorite recipes to ensure they’re healthier, and we introduce you to new favorite recipes you’ll want to enjoy at home.

Are you ready to make changes that last a lifetime? Join our Wellspring Women’s Program and achieve the results you deserve