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Last year was my junior year and quite honestly it was terrible. I stopped enjoying things I used to love like dance and softball. I searched ways to lose weight and found Wellspring Camps. I looked at all of the success stories and thought it would be great to do if we had the money. Well, I talked to my Aunt about it and she ended up telling my Grandparents. They said they would pay for me to go! They just wanted me to be happy and have a fun senior year. I was excited to go, but also nervous. As soon as I got there, I made friends and had a good time. My first night there, my group had a meeting in the hallway and we talked about why we were there and everything. I learned I had awesome coaches. The two that helped me the most were my coach, Devon, who ran miles with me and one of the nutritionists, Alli. At first, I was having problems with motivation, but as I started to get used to the schedule of camp, I was fine.

My first big accomplishment was I actually ran some of my first mile and I finished it in 19:58, then the second one I finished it in 16:51. A big learning experience was when we went to Dorney Park. It was hard to not just grab whatever to eat because that was what I was used to. I also tried to get on every ride. It was a bit difficult when I couldn’t, but I just thought that by the end of this, if i keep up everything, I will be able to fit into them all. Before i went to camp, me and my Dad sat down and talked about how much I should expect to lose at camp. We agreed that 39 pounds was a reasonable goal for me to lose by the end of camp, but by parents weekend I had already lost that!

I had many more accomplishments in my last few weeks. I competed one of my goals, which was to be able to hike with friends and I did that on a camp trip. I also made myself a goal for my last mile run to shave maybe a minute off my mile time which was around 15:45. I ran a lot of my last mile with Devon, my Dad, and my brother pushing me the whole way and I finished it in 13:51. And at my final weigh in, I had lost a total of 40 pounds while at camp.

When I got home, I continued to lose more, but more slowly, which is normal. I went from a size 18 pant to a size 13/14 and a size 4x shirt to a size 2x shirt. I ran a 5k in November with my best friend and have gone on multiple hikes with my friend, including one for my best friend’s birthday party. I also can go running now and keep up in dance class, which I have found my passion to do again and I am now happier than ever! Camp was tough, but it was definitely worth it. Sometimes things get hard and you go off plan, but as long as you get back on track, everything will be okay I have learned. I couldn’t have ever done this without the help of my family, friends, and everyone at Wellspring Camp!