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Obesity, and its companion, the risk of diabetes, are seen every day in America’s children. There has been a 183% increase in obesity in just the past three decades. Millions of overweight teens and young adults now face a lifetime of compromises in health, social-psychological well-being, and vocational opportunities – all because of their weight.

Young people, especially between 10 and 26 years old, struggle with obesity and eating disorders. They know too well the heartbreak of teasing and often suffer from low self-esteem because of their weight.

Many decades of psychological studies have advanced our ability to resolve these issues so that teens and young adults can lose weight consistently – and keep it off.

Self-Control and Weight Control

A viable program focuses on lifestyle management. It helps kids lose weight and avoid the long-term risks of pre-diabetes and diabetes. Education for those at risk on these serious aspects of their health is especially helpful. As they begin to understand the serious issues and begin lose weight, it sets a whole cascade of positives into motion. Their metabolism, insulin, blood glucose and overall body function can begin to return to normal.

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