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Searching for the right weight loss camp that has the very best intentions for your child’s health can feel tedious and confusing. Many parents will give in to the mirage of a fat camp, which offers campers a quick-fix to shed off the weight. The problem with fat camps, is that they do not teach campers how to achieve a healthy lifestyle into adulthood. Unlike a fat camp, Wellspring Camps creates an ideal way to help your child lose weight and keep it off.

Wellspring Weight-Loss Camp offers your child:

Tasty, filling meals and knowledge to take home:
Fat camps are notorious for implementing a diet involving the drastic reduction in caloric intake in an effort to take off excess weight, which leaves many hungry camp-goers practicing poor health habits. This temporary fix doesn’t teach campers how to eat correctly once they are back in the real world. Participants of these camps generally gain back any weight they lose and then some. At Wellspring Camps, your child will lose weight, but in a way that is healthy, consistent and encouraging. Furthermore, they will learn valuable lessons to apply once they are back at home, such as how to cook nutritional meals and how to modify meals when ordering at restaurants. 

Fun activities:
Your child will create a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a low-fat, low sugar diet while increasing their activity level through fun, interactive activities like:

  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Ghyll scrambling
  • White water rafting
  • Aerobic kick boxing
  • Surfing
  • Playing beach sports
  • Biking
  • Touring parks like Sea World, Disneyland/Disney World and Universal Studios

(activities vary depending on the location of the camp)

Only takes one time:
At Wellspring Camps, your child will learn how to make beneficial lifestyle changes. Fat camps do not encourage long-term behavioral changes, they are short-term solutions at best. While fat camps have a higher patient return rate due to their failure to help keep weight off, Wellspring Camps sends their participants home with a comprehensive weight loss plan designed to help them succeed so they can continue to maintain their health on their own. 

Based on scientific research:
While fat camps lack proven scientific health methods within their weight loss plans, Wellspring Camps utilizes research backed by scientific data, maintaining successful results yearly across their five camps.

Wellspring uses the following elements, which have been scientifically proven, to help their participants succeed:

  • Low-Fat Diet: Campers learn to eat and prepare healthy, delicious low-fat meals
  • Activity Management: Campers walk or hike at least 10,000 steps a day, all while having fun
  • Lifestyle Change: Therapists and behavioral coaches work close with campers to help positively shape their views and beliefs about food and activities
  • Family Involvement: Parents learn how to help their children continue succeeding once they return home
  • Continuing Care: Campers receive one year of continued care involving a behavioral coach from camp and other long term plans

See the FAQ section on Wellspring’s website for more information on our camp model and how our methods keep campers on the healthy path to a fulfilling, fit and active life.