wellspring_weight_loss_success_stories_diet_girl_teenage_01One day I found myself wanting to change. I was 24 years old, overweight and unhealthy. I found myself out of breath just doing normal every day activities like walking across campus. I enrolled in Wellspring New York in 2006, not really having even spent much time on the website – just thinking it could help. That summer changed my life in ways that I didn’t expect. I arrived at camp, thinking that I was going there to lose weight and look better, but I got much more than that from the experience. I left with self-confidence that I never had before, and specifically with a strong commitment to become more fit and stay that way forever. I left with a knowledge in fitness, nutrition, culinary, and myself and actually felt prepared for the world back home. I definitely didn’t expect all of that, but I am so glad that I got much more than weight loss per se from the program. I continue to use these tools still to this day as a long-term weight controller. Overall I have lost and kept off 70lbs over the past 5 years. I’m never going backwards; this is a better life.

-Jess Gault, Program Supervisor, Wellspring New York