Wellspring Camps staff generally arrive on site approximately 7 days prior to the start of camp sessions for an intensive, paid staff training period.  Prior to arrival on campus, qualified new hires and returning staff will have successfully completed several training modules online.  Staff training will equip all new and returning staffers with the tools and skills required to provide a safe and quality experience for our campers.

On-site training will include specific focal areas, including:

  • Introductions, campus tour and team-building
  • Community / staff norms and expectations
  • Problem-solving
  • Policy and risk management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Vehicle operation and safety
  • In-depth instruction in the Wellspring Plan for weight control
  • Role plays and scenario analysis
  • Tips on working successfully with campers
  • Preparing the campus for camper arrival

Staff will also enjoy time off during training, and immersion in the diet and activity plan that will be in place throughout the camp season.