Working at Wellspring New York this past summer was a career changing experience. As a Health Education and Physical Education teacher, I have always loved teaching students about health, fitness, and proper nutrition. However, not until working with Wellspring this past summer, did I really see the effects of a program that is geared towards long-term weight control. The activities from morning to night were fun and adventurous. As a staff member, I got the benefits of the program as well as the benefits of activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, and rock climbing. I enjoyed the experience so much I am hoping to return to New York next summer!

Lora Tilson,
Lifeguard, Counselor WNY

Working at Wellspring Adventure Camp North Carolina was fantastic. To wake up each day going to bat for a team dedicated to the health of our teenagers was an inspiring and thoroughly satisfying experience. Sure, the routine was intense, as all camp routines are. But for everything I gave last summer in those trying adolescent-fueled moments, I got back ten times more in the appreciation and growth I saw by the end of the summer, and the lasting feeling that I really did make a difference in many kids’ lives. Plus, I got paid to go rock climbing and white-water rafting. What more could I ask for in a summer?

Cheryl Testa, MA,
Behavioral Coach, WAC

Working with Wellspring Family Camp in Michigan was one of the most remarkable and rewarding employment experiences I have ever had. Along with exploring the beautiful sites that Michigan has to offer, I was afforded the opportunity to work with a population that has always intrigued me. As a weight controller myself, it was great to go through the program with the families. From leisurely walks to intense rock climbing, these families were put to the test, and were able to accomplish things they may have never even thought of doing. It was amazing to watch people go through both emotional and physical changes. The look on these family’s faces when they attain their goals is reason enough to work for Wellspring. The cohesive staff was extremely supportive of each other, as well as the families. Wellspring Family Camp employment is an experience that no one should pass up. It was such a good experience that I have decided to continue my work with Wellspring, and am currently working at their school in California, Wellspring Academy.

Nick Driscoll,
Counselor Staff, WFC

Working at Wellspring Adventure Camp North Carolina was one of the most rewarding experiences for me. It’s an amazing feeling to be part of a program devoted to improving the health and shaping the lives of a group of amazing children. Waking up every morning to the site of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains was unlike anything imaginable. Yes, the work was hard, and the days were long, but to see all my hard work pay off each week after weigh in made it all worth it. As one of the nutritionists I taught the campers basic nutrition facts and skills they could take with them and use outside of camp. Seeing them growth and value the lessons they were taught was more than I could have ever asked for. All the adventures, the hiking, rock climbing, and white water rafting was icing in the cake. Memories of this summer well stay etched in my mind forever!

Alison Elmo, BS,
Counselor/Nutrition Instructor; WAC

I loved the opportunity to travel around beautiful places in California while working as a Behavioral Coach at Wellspring Adventure Camp California in 2006. It was also great to know that we were teaching the campers skills and ideas that they could take home with them, so they didn’t have to come back to camp year after year. In the after-care program, we get to see their skills in action.

Shannon Byrne, MA,
Behavioral Coach, WCC

I’ll always give credit to Wellspring Adventure Camp North Carolina for helping me find my passion for working with overweight adolescents and it will be forever the summer that changed my life. Each day provided new adventures, struggles, accomplishments, and fun. Being a camp counselor means you’re on the front lines of all the action and are so integral to the success of this program, and what’s amazing is that the staff recognizes your jobs importance and gives you the respect and support you need! Sure there are a lot of great camps to work at all over the country, but if you want to make a huge difference in not only the lives of many adolescents but

yours as well, then this program is for you. Plus who doesn’t love getting paid to hike, rock climb, and raft!

Megan Miller,
Counselor; WAC

Working at Wellspring Adventure Camp North Carolina was truly a one of a kind experience that I’ll never forget! The hourswere long, but the work was very rewarding. I had a great time getting to know the campers and helping them make changes that will improve the quality of their lives – and in many cases, prolong their lives. The field aspect of the program really adds to the therapeutic effectiveness. It’s pretty amazing to facilitatea group CBT session next to a river in the middle of the Pisgah National Forest the day after the group members went rock climbing for the first time ever!

Nancy Curry, MSW,
Behavioral Coach, WAC