Dietitians and other nutrition professionals across the nation trust Wellspring Camps to provide safe, healthy and effective solutions for overcoming childhood obesity. We recognize how important your patient relationships are, and referrals are treated with the utmost care to ensure a positive experience and successful outcome.

If you have a client who could benefit from our lifesaving health and wellness program, please call 844-332-5407 or complete the referral form on this page.

Our program has a proven history of success. Since 2004, we’ve helped over 10,000 campers lose an average of 4 lbs/week and gain the skills needed to maintain lifelong health — preventing weight related diseases associated with obesity like diabetes and heart disease. Our amazing outcomes are achieved through an individually tailored, and highly comprehensive intervention, comprised of nutrition and culinary education, physical activity management, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our multidisciplinary team includes physicians, dietitians, psychologists and exercise physiologists, all dedicated to helping our participants achieve long term weight control.

On the nutrition front specifically, our program encourages a diet mainly comprised of controlled fat and high fiber, nutrient dense whole foods. However, our program goes way beyond educating our participants on “what” constitutes a healthy diet and “why”. It provides them with tools and experiences that teach them “how” to achieve and sustain a nutritious diet. By the time our campers leave us, they have mastered essential weight control skills such as self-monitoring, label reading, recipe modification, and maintaining healthy behaviors when encountering barriers to a healthy lifestyle. The meals and snacks at camp, while highly structured, also provide participants with the ability to make choices and individualize their intake. By allowing our participants to take ownership of their dietary behaviors at the outset, accountability and independence are maximized.

Consider our weight loss program for individuals with the following characteristics:

  • Overweight (BMI 25.0 – 29.9)
  • Class I, II, and III Obesity (BMI 30 and higher)
  • Clients who have struggled with yo-yo dieting and are looking for a lasting lifestyle change that will not only improve weight outcomes, but also quality of life.

If you have a client who could benefit from our lifesaving health and wellness program, please call 844-332-5407 or complete the referral form on this page.

We look forward to partnering with you to achieve healthy outcomes and lifelong results for your clients and their families!