In the past 5 years, Wellspring has received more media attention than all the traditional diet camps and fat camps combined. Below is a sampling of television coverage and magazine and newspaper articles that describe the amazing weight loss success of Wellspring campers and students.

Results of Wellspring weight loss in media

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Wellspring Videos

Fox News – Health Talk with Dr. Manny – Teaching Kids to Lose Weight
“Good Morning America” on Mom & Son Losing Weight Together
“Nightline” Part I: The Biggest Loser
“Nightline” Part II: Hi, from the Anti-Fat Camp
“Nightline” Part III: Losing Weight on Your Own


Wellspring News Articles

St. Petersburg Times – Parents, help your kids shape up this summer
News of the World Magazine – My big, fat summer holiday
The State Journal-Register – Our Opinion: Scott Basso’s courageous shared struggle
Today’s Dietician – Summer Camps With a Twist – Programs Help Kids Have Fun While Honing Healthful Habits
San Antonio Express News-Getting Fit As A Family – April 26, 2010
Toronto Sun – Summer Gains
Associated Press – Fat Camp Offers Youngsters Chance to Feel Normal
St. Petersburg Times – Camp Aims to Help Live Healthy Lives
eMaxHealth – Is Summer Time for Weight Loss or Gain?
Washington Observer-Reporter – Campers Lose Weight on Summer Break (pdf)
Daily Mail – Britain’s First Camp for Overweight Teens (pdf)
Austin NBC news – Kids Spend Summer Melting Away Pounds (pdf)
Dallas Morning News – How to Lose Yourself at Camp – (jpg)
Obesity Management – Special Issue on Standard of Care for Obesity & Wellspring – (pdf)
Atlanta Parent – Atlanta Teen Sheds More Than Just Weight – (pdf)
Edinburgh Evening News – Well Worth the Weight – (pdf)
Associated Press – Weight Loss Camps Invite Families to Come Along (pdf)
Newsweek – A Summer Camp for Losers – (pdf)
Marie Claire – Inside the Teen Fat Camp – (pdf)
Associated Press – ‘Fat Camps’ Now About The Long Run – (pdf)

Online Media & Blogs

Today’s Dietician – Summer Camps With a Twist – Programs Help Kids Have Fun While Honing Healthful Habits Make your July Fourth cookout healthy with these food and recipe ideas – “Talking to Your Overweight Teen About Weight Loss.” – “Clean Up The Family Diet” – Parents of Children on TLC’s new Toddlers and Tiaras, Hurting their Children, Critics Say – Celebrate National Salad Month!
Smarty Pants Mama – Smart Food: Great Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend!
Another Online Mom -Healthy alternatives for a nice dip for your Memorial Day barbecue
TheFashionableBambinocom – Healthy ‘Wellspring’ Eating Tips For Families
Imagination Café – Healthy ‘Wellspring’ Eating Tips for Families National Salad Month with Wellspring Camps
Hula Hooping Mom – National Salad Month Childhood Obesity
Simply Being Mommy – How to keep your children active and healthy over summer break
512 KIDZ Blog – Worried your kids are going to be inactive over Break?
Guardian Angel Family Blog – Worried Your Kids are going to be Inactive over Break?
I Am Modern – Healthy Snacks Even your Picky Eaters will Love – Healthy and Tasty Recipes for National Nutrition Month – March 11, 2010 – Kids at Risk for Heart Disease
512 Kids – Healthy Game Night Snacks the Family Will Love!
Mom Entrepreneurs – Healthy Game Night Snacks the Family Will Love! Recipes Available
An Island Life – Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes – Make Your Holiday Cookies Healthier
FatFighter – Healthy Gingerbread Cookies
Yahoo Buzz – Healthy Holiday Cookies for the Kids
iFood.TV – Low-Fat Holiday Cookies
This Mama Cooks – Low-Fat Holiday Recipes
Circle of Food – Healthy Holiday Cookies – Healthy Recipes for National Pie Day
Summer = Weight Gain, Especially for Overweight Kids
Let Wellspring Nag You About Nagging
“It’s the Behavior, Stupid.”
Conventional Wisdom?
New Study Shows Intensive and Comprehensive Weight Management Programs Are Most Effective at Helping Children Return to a Healthy Weight
Two New Studies Demonstrate Importance of Treatment for Overweight Children and Teens
Why Fad Diets Don’t Work and Why the Wellspring Approach Does