One of the biggest challenges our campers face when they leave Wellspring is going home. Back to old habits and old environments. Depending on the age of the camper, he or she may not have any say in their food choices or opportunities to get active. That’s why it’s imperative that the participant’s family support the new habits and skills the camper has learned at Wellspring. Even if the participant is old enough to make their own food decisions, and create opportunities to exercise, we know that the family is integral to the success of the camper. For instance, take a look at the graph below. When we studied the PARENTS of the kids who have gone through our program, and compared parents of children who had lost weight at follow-up to parents of kids who had gained weight at follow-up, we found these important takeaways:

  • Virtually NONE of the parents of kids who had LOST weight had gained weight themselves.
  • A good percentage of the kids who had LOST weight had parents that had lost weight too.
  • When the kids gained weight at follow-up, we found that 30% of the parents had also gained weight!

Because we know just how important the family is to our camper’s success, Wellspring is dedicated to helping not just the camper, but the whole family as well. Many Wellspring families tell us that Wellspring helped not just the camper who came to our program, but the whole family as well.

“I am proud to report to report that Katelynn has maintained her commitment to the Wellspring Plan as well as losing additional weight over the last 12 months. She started high school two weeks ago and started cheerleading; she is so happy and confident!”

- Rachel, Mom of Katelynn, Port St. Lucie, FL

Katelynn lost 26 pounds at camp and an additional 12 pounds at home.

Wellspring Family Workshops

At each Wellspring camp, we offer two opportunities to join us at a family workshop. Anyone from the family can join, in fact the more the merrier. Aunts, uncles, friends, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends. We want anyone who will be part of the campers’ support system to come to a family workshop. At each workshop, the support system will be immersed in what the camper has learned, and will be given tools to support a healthy lifestyle when the camper gets home. The family will have an opportunity to ask questions specific to their home life and will put a plan together to get started right away. The family will have the opportunity to attend workshops, exercise classes, a camp ceremony, healthy meals and much more.

“Matt‘s positive attitude is a direct result of his weight loss. He feels so much better both physically and emotionally. I am so proud of Matthew’s hard work. I thank all of you for being a part of his wonderful journey!”

- Karyn, Mom of Matt, Vero Beach, FL

Matt lost 43 pounds at camp and has continued to lose weight at home.

Continued Support At Home

Wellspring also provides a number of opportunities to stay on track back at home. We currently have the following tools in place for any Wellspring Alumni family.

  • A one on one check-in with a behavioral coach at least 30 days after a camper has gone home to discuss challenges and possible barriers to success at home.
  • Private Facebook pages dedicated to Wellspring alumni so you can connect with other alumni families.
  • Monthly webinars on topics families tell us they’d like to hear about.
  • Direct access to Wellspring Directors and year-round team to answer any questions and share stories with.
  • A unique Wellspring Journey Binder that has your individual success plan, goals, exercise programs and much more. A tool that you can refer back to at any time.

“When I attended the Family Workshop Weekend, not only did I witness what the camp entailed, but also the self- esteem, motivation and spiritual growth of my daughter. As a parent, I went through the daily regiment of the campers. From that day, another title was added to my daughter; she was my hero and forever will be. The camp brought us together as a family, changed our very bad eating habits and helped Dad lose 20 lbs and Mom lose 30lbs. I could not ignore the obesity problems any longer. Wellspring brought them to life in a very caring and nurturing environment, not only for Rachel, but for the rest of the family as well. Your program is a Godsend, and I recommend all parents who are concerned about their obese children, and their own obesity, to send them to Wellspring; it will be life changing.”

- Elisa R., Mom of Rachel, Houston, TX

“My husband and I have lost more than 30 pounds since Parents Weekend. Our daughter has taught her brother (15) and sister (11) how to keep a Journal and to wear a pedometer. We have been cooking the recipes from the cookbook and trying new things. We know we need to plan ahead too. Wellspring was such a positive, life changing experience for our daughter as well as our family. We thank all the staff at Wellspring.”

- Stacy and Yehuda S., Cherry Hill, NJ