Over the years, our families have expressed interest in learning more about some of the core aspects of Wellspring’s robust behavioral change program. In an effort to meet this need, we now offer several additional Track options to capitalize on some of the most popular and educational aspects of our core curriculum. Choose one or more of these Tracks and take advantage of the opportunity to expand your physical limits, gain important knowledge and have a lot of fun in the process of achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.


Binge Eating Program

As obesity research continues, professionals have begun to recognize that some people struggle with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) as a contributor to their weight gain. If participants meet certain criteria (through a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis by trained clinical experts) they are eligible for the Binge Eating Program. This program provides additional services designed specifically to address binge eating and Wellspring may be able to bill your insurance for these services.

Personal Training Track

Every Wellspring camper already receives up to three meetings with a certified Personal Trainer during their time at camp. With our popular Personal Training Track, you now also have the option to extend your physical fitness regimen and receive three extra PT sessions for each PT Track you purchase. You can use these additional workouts and training sessions to focus on personal goals or learn new exercise skills to take home with you to maintain your weight loss and health regimen.

Adventure Track

Everyone loves a little adventure! While every Wellspring Camp offers a variety of adventures and activities that combine fun with education and wellness, we created the custom Adventure Track specifically for participants looking to step it up on their way to better health. Some of the fantastic adventures may include ocean kayaking, rock climbing, stand up paddle-boarding, hiking or camping and/or fishing.

“I went in with the mindset that I was about to encounter the worst four weeks of my life and I would just hold my breath and work as hard as I could until it was over. I did not in any way think I would have fun or enjoy anything I did. After two days I was already having so much fun! We did so many different activities. I have been going to sleep away camps since I was 10 years old and the experiences I’ve had at all these camps put together doesn’t even compare to the experience I had at Wellspring. Wellspring changed my life forever”

- Marena, D., Kamuela, HI

Marena D. lost 20 pounds at camp and lost 20 more pounds at home.

By purchasing this addition to our core program, you’ll receive three extra adventure activities during your time at camp and have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try activities you may not have available at home and learn how much you can truly accomplish with your weight loss goals.

Culinary Track

Many of our campers — and their parents — love to cook and want to learn more about maintaining their weight loss while enjoying delicious and a healthy recipes and tips to take with them once they return home. All campers receive one to two Culinary classes each week at camp where they learn to cook with no oil, make recipe substitutions and make lovable foods that love them back.

Now with Wellspring Camps’ custom Culinary Track, you have the opportunity to extend your camp experience by taking three extra Culinary classes. Lesson plans may include learning about Farm to Table healthy cooking, a trip to the Farmer’s Market and even a Wellspring Camps Iron Chef Challenge.

Surf Camp

Offered only at Wellspring California, participants may sign up for four morning sessions of exciting and exhilarating surf lessons! One of our most popular classes, sign up early before spots fill up!