Wellspring Weight Loss Camp in California

      Location & Information

      • Wellspring is the nation's premier scientifically based fitness and weight loss camp.
      • Located on the campus of University of California, San Diego.
      • Open to boys and girls, ages 10-26.
      • The campus offers an incredible range of activities, beautiful weather, and excellent facilities.
      • If you’re looking for a summer of dramatic weight loss, fun on the beach, incredible adventures, and access to amazing fitness facilities, then Wellspring California is the place for you.
      • Fun trips to southern California’s world famous theme parks, mountain biking and hiking adventures, and on-campus games and activities round out the ultimate camp experience.
      • Professional and highly qualified staff promotes long-term weight control.
      • Airport pickup and drop-off at San Diego International Airport (SAN) on start and end dates.

      Camp Experience

      The Summer Of A Lifetime

      Dates & Pricing

      Wellspring California has camps that last 8 weeks, 6 weeks, and 4 weeks. The best overall value is the 9-Week full summer camp, but we understand that your family might not be able to make a full summer commitment, which is why we offer a variety of options to make sure you get the best possible camp experience and results.

      For Ages Ranging 10 – 26
      Sessions starting June 25, July 9, and July 23. Ending August 19, 2017.
      Sessions run 4, 6, and 8 weeks

      Length of CampTotal Price
      8 weeks$13,750
      6 weeks$11,750
      4 weeks$9,000

      World Class Facilities

      Meet The Director

      Fun Activities, Special Trips, And Great Food!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • How do we contact our child? Can campers keep their cell phones?

        Being at Wellspring Camp California means having a break from daily distractions and immersing yourself in a healthy lifestyle. While cell phones are an everyday part of life now, they can also be distracting and decrease participation in activities. For this reason, we do not permit phone use for the first week of camp for under 18 campers. Thereafter, campers are allowed access to their phones for self-monitoring and communication during specific time periods. Over 18 year old campers may have phone access, but we ask it be only during appropriate times as explained during orientation. The longer campers are enrolled and the more progress they make at camp, the more access they will have. If you have an emergency, please call the Camp Office and we will reach your child immediately. For privacy reasons, all campers will be asked to refrain from posting photos and other camp details on Facebook without the permission of all campers in their group.

        We have two visiting weekends over the summer (which coincide with the end of the Family Workshops). If you are unable to visit, do not worry, as campers will be kept busy having fun with our staff and we find that the lost art of letter writing can be a wonderful way for campers and parents to keep in touch. We also strongly encourage you to attend a Family Workshop during the summer so that you will be able to learn how best to support your camper at home.

      • How do you decide roommates? What happens if a camper doesn’t like his/her roommate?

        The rooms at UCSD are arranged in suites. Suite setups vary, but most participants will have a single or double room and share a suite bathroom with a few other participants. There will be a member of staff housed in each suite.

        Suites are arranged so that campers of the same sex, similar age and similar length of enrollment live together. We carefully read the information you provide and the answers your child gives to the camper questionnaire in the enrollment packet and match up campers of similar interests and backgrounds.

        Campers spend very little time in their rooms and very rarely do we have conflicts with roommates and those are always resolved immediately. More often than not camp roommates form close friendships that last long after camp has finished.

      • What happens if a camper gets sick? What medical facilities are available?

        All staff are trained in basic First Aid and CPR with either the American, British or Canadian Red Cross. Senior staff have extensive first aid training and we also have our camp nurses and EMTs. In addition, the campus police at UCSD are trained to deal with emergency first aid and we have access to the local hospital and emergency response units.

        Camp staff and nurses deal with all minor first aid issues and non-emergency situations. For anything more serious, campers are transported immediately to the local emergency room or urgent care clinic and parent/guardians are notified.

      • How do you deal with homesickness?

        Homesickness is inevitable at some point at camp and may last 5 minutes or 5 days. It affects old and young alike. We find that keeping the campers happy and busy is the best cure for homesickness and we also ask that parents maintain an upbeat and positive attitude when talking with their child. While no doubt you are missing your child greatly, focusing on the positive aspects of being at camp – making friends, having fun, becoming healthier – helps greatly in enabling your child to readjust to camp life. The ironic thing is that campers are always “campsick” when they return home!

      • How do you screen and select your staff?

        We take a great deal of care when selecting and interviewing our camp staff. All our staff are over 21 years of age and the majority have expertise in nutrition, fitness and health. We always take extensive references from former employers and also screen our staff for criminal activity. We require our staff to have clean driving records and further test them ourselves. All staff complete our mandatory staff training and we do not hesitate to dismiss a member of staff who does not meet our high standards. Our staff are role models to the campers and many return year after year for one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

      • What if my child does not want to participate in an activity?

        At Wellspring California the campers participate in a wide range of activities, so it is rare they don’t find something they enjoy. Furthermore, we never ask a camper to do an activity that has not already been done on many occasions by our own staff. Our staff fully participate in everything from basketball to rock climbing and we always adhere to the strictest safety codes. If a camper is scared to try something new, like kayaking or boogie boarding, then we will provide extra support and enable them to participate as much as they can. We rarely have campers refuse to participate because they simply don’t want to. We make sure that we make the activities as fun as possible and work with the campers to ensure that we do more of the activities they like.

      • How Are The Trips Organized And Are They Included In The Cost?

        Some events are an established part of the camp calendar, such as our trip to Disney Land, while others depend upon availability and other camp events.

        Your length of enrollment at camp, the dates you attend, and how far advanced you are in the Wellspring Level System determine which trips are available to you. The only sure way to attend all your favorites is to enroll for the full summer and participate fully in the camp activities – with the added benefit that you will also lose more weight and achieve greater overall health while having a better chance of maintaining that health at home!

        All big trips are included in the cost. You may wish to provide your child with spending money to buy gifts and souvenirs.

      • What is the food like?

        Our campers and staff all follow the same meal plan, which is both tasty and nutritious. We go to great lengths to prepare familiar foods in a healthier manner at camp. We use great substitution foods and we offer a range of whole, unprocessed food choices at each meal, including vegetarian and (with advance notice) other dietary requirements*.

        *Lactose and gluten intolerant campers can be easily accommodated. Kosher and Halal diets will incur an additional charge. In the past campers with religious dietary needs have done very well adopting a vegetarian diet for the summer.

        Campers have unlimited access to our salad and fruits bars that also contain yogurts, fruit and salad, cottage cheese, homemade soups, and a variety of other healthy options.

        In their culinary lessons, campers will also have the opportunity to try new foods and learn the different ways to prepare healthy foods so that they can continue eating “Wellspring-friendly” foods at home.

      • How do you track success?

        We keep careful track of how the campers are progressing in not just their weight loss, but also their fitness and overall well being. We weigh each camper upon arrival and then each week of camp so they can see their progress and understand the fluctuations. Campers can choose to know their weight or not, but we also have scales around camp for campers to use in private should they wish. We stay in touch throughout your camper’s stay with tips, updates, and suggestions for maintaining momentum after camp.

        We also have extensive post-camp studies of our campers’ progress, and we always love to hear from you. In addition, every camper has Continuing Care support from our professional staff throughout the year so that we can continue to track camper success and help with any struggles along the way.

      • How do I know if my child needs to lose weight?

        We understand that BMI calculations are not always perfect, so call one of our Admissions Counselors at 1.866.277.0145 to get more information and a thorough explanation of your results.

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