Wellspring Is A Better Choice For You

Wellspring is not a diet or a quick fix. Wellspring Camps provide the long-term solution for struggles with weight management and behavior. We focus on long-term health and success. The number on the scale is simply a by-product of the healthy lifestyle that we promote. Sure, weight loss happens at Wellspring, but the main focus is how to change behavior and eating patterns so that lifestyle change is accomplished and weight is managed successfully for good.

Unlike fat camps which restrict food, boot camps that demand activity, or diet camps which simply put campers on a short-term crash diet, Wellspring exposes campers to a range of exciting activities and a healthy lifestyle that provides them with a safe environment in which to learn to regulate their food intake and activity levels.

Wellspring campers consistently demonstrate average weight loss of 4 lbs. per week, and over 30 lbs in 8 weeks. In our last study, 70% of participants reported either maintaining or continuing to lose weight at home. In addition, we offer a specialized clinical program for those who have been diagnosed with binge eating disorder. These are some of the many ways that Wellspring Camps differ from other weight loss camps.

Why Take Action Now?

Child getting a high five to encourage healthy lifestyle at Wellspring which is not one of the fat camps

With your child’s health and well-being in mind, we urge you to consider the following:

  1. A recent study calculated that a child growing up obese will cost $19,000 more than another child who does not grow up obese. This takes into account lifetime medical costs and insurance charges without accounting for any potential significant disease complications.
  2. According to the CDC, children who are obese are more likely to become obese adults. Obesity in adulthood significantly increases the risk of medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and many forms of cancer.
  3. Research shows that overweight youth are more likely to grow up with depression, anxiety, or reduced opportunity in employment and personal lives.

Invest in a healthier, happier you NOW.

Wellspring Basis: Scientific Research And Behavior Change

Wellspring’s program is based on decades of scientific research from leading researchers in the field from renowned institutions, including Northwestern University Medical School, Columbia University, University of Michigan, University of California San Francisco, Pennsylvania State University, Johns Hopkins University, Washington University, and University of California. With direct guidance and oversight from some of the leading researchers in the field such as Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Nicole Avena, Dr. Mark Gold, Dr. Eric Stice, and Dr. Ashley Gearhardt, Wellspring is proud to be the leading scientifically based weight management program in the country. The result is a proven program for health and lifestyle change which can be maintained by kids, teens and young adults at home.

Our research has led to the most sophisticated programming and clinical curriculum currently available for adolescent and young adult weight management. Our curriculum is specifically designed to teach campers the skills necessary to create behavior change that leads to long-term, sustainable weight control. The Wellspring environment fosters the opportunity for increased momentum that shows campers that success is possible. They then go on to create an individualized program, based on their current home environment, which will create success long after they return home. From the moment campers set foot on our campus, we focus on what life will be like when they go home. It’s a cornerstone to their success at Wellspring.

“Wellspring gave me back my daughter – with a newfound confidence! Today – thanks to Wellspring – she knows there’s nothing she can’t accomplish!”

- Jill B., Conroe, TX

Catie B. lost 18 pounds in 4 weeks at camp and an additional 27 pounds at home.

Varied Activities Create Fun For All

Staying active doesn’t need to be boring and repetitive. Whatever your goal for your time at Wellspring, we have a program component to address it. With activities ranging from trips to theme parks and camp-wide team competitions, to individualized sports, group fitness classes, one-on-one personal training, and a variety of organized sports.

Wellspring’s goal is to introduce you to so many fun fitness activities that you’ll have plenty of options for staying active when you return home. Many of our campers have never tried the activities we offer at camp and are nervous about taking on the challenge. No problem! Our highly-trained staff will work with you to make sure that your experience is positive and fun, even if you’re not usually very active at home.

“Keri is doing wonderful, looks wonderful, and playing the sports she loves. Our success story is one I will always be thankful to you and your team of great people for!!!”

- Mary Beth, Mother of Keri, Laurel, MD



Smaller Camps Mean More One-One-Attention

Unlike large 500 person boot camps, where campers often become a “number”, Wellspring Camps are smaller and foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and personalized attention. Wellspring believes it’s impossible to operate a fun, effective, and safe summer camp for weight loss unless the Director knows the name of each and every camper.

“I wanted to thank you and all the staff again for the great experience Steve had at camp. The one thing that I noticed is that everyone seemed to really care about the wellbeing of the kids. I never got the impression that they were just there because it was a ‘job’.”

- David M., Father of Steve, North Street, MI


Family Support

While campers are losing weight, surveys indicate that the majority of Wellspring families have other members who lose weight as well. Our research consistently shows a clear correlation between camper success and family support. We offer Wellspring’s free Continuing Care Program, which involves regular interaction, problem solving and celebrations of success with the Camp Director in addition to contact with a trained Behavioral Coach for a full year after camp ends.

Wellspring feels so strongly that family support is essential to success that we offer two free Family Workshops at each location throughout the summer. This is a three-day workshop where immediate family members or caretakers will learn the basics of the Wellspring program and receive significant helpful resources. Once home, families have year-round access to Wellspring experts who can help them navigate the common difficulties back home.

Locations Across The Country

With two popular, long-standing locations in California and Florida you choice of destination is simple.

Wellspring Florida: Kayak and surf the Atlantic Coast, play beach sports, and bike and experience some of the Sunshine State’s most beautiful areas. Trips to Universal Studios, Disney World and the Florida Tech Challenge High Ropes Course.

Wellspring California: At our premier location, participants enjoy the diverse offerings of coastal California, including surfing, sea kayaking and hiking. Trips to Seaworld, Knotts Berry Farm, and Disneyland.

You can find out what a typical day at Wellspring is like, or explore our locations for specific details on what to expect at each camp.