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The Leading Fitness & Weight Loss Camp

Welcome to Wellspring Camps, the nation's leading provider of fitness & weight loss camps for children, teens, young adults & families. Unlike fat camps, boot camps or traditional weight loss camps, Wellspring Camps’ scientific approach to weight loss is giving boys and girls ranging from ages 10 to 26 the inspiration, education and tools to change their lifestyle for the better. In fact, 70% of Wellspring Camps’ participants achieve significant weight loss results during their camp experience and continue to successfully maintain a healthy weight for the long-term.

Before & After Success Stories

Wellspring is the Nation’s leader in weight loss camps. We’re dedicated to transforming the lives of our participants by giving them the necessary tools, inspiration, and education in order to achieve significant weight loss results and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives.


LOST TOTAL OF 30 LBS At Camp / BMI Went From 34 to 29

"Wellspring gave me my life back. I am completely transformed, and am extremely grateful for everything that Wellspring offered. My experience was transforming and life-altering."

- Alex


Lost Total of 65 LBS / LOST 35 lbs at Camp & 30 LBS MORE AT HOME

"The fact that everyone was in the ‘same boat’ was great because we all encouraged each other to work hard and keep going."

- Valentina


Lost 124 LBS in 13 Months Since Attending Camp
Gone Down Eight Dress Sizes

"Wellspring has been so life changing for me. I desperately want the same experiences for others. I am very passionate about Wellspring and can’t imagine my summers without it."

- Terri-Anne


Arrived at Camp with a BMI of 34.2 / Now has a BMI of 23.7

"Wellspring was worth everything I paid and then some and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I would do it all over again, but fortunately I don’t have to."

- Steve

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Simple, Sustainable and Scientific

The scientific, multi-disciplinary Wellspring Plan teaches children, young adults & families struggling with weight issues the skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Wellspring offers families and participants sustainable options for maintaining their new healthy habits at home. We invite you to spend time exploring our site to learn why so many more families choose Wellspring Camps than any other fitness and weight loss camp.