7_712_19995Welcome to Wellspring Pennsylvania! Nestled on the beautiful and quiet campus of Marywood Univeristy near the Poconos, Wellspring Pennsylvania is the only scientifically based co-ed weight loss camp in the Northeast. Our highly trained staff caters to girls and boys ages 10-24, providing a fun-filled summer of new experiences, new friends and dramatic weight loss.

Unlike large traditional weight loss camps and ‘fat camps’ in Pennsylvania and New York, Wellspring Pennsylvania provides campers unparalleled ways to lose weight and keep it off long-term. And with a limited number of campers per session, Wellspring Pennsylvania provides a level of focus and personal attention that large traditional weight loss camps cannot rival.

Fitness1Attending a three, six or nine week session at Wellspring Pennsylvania is a direct path to successful weight control, improved self confidence, and a long-term healthy lifestyle. Traditional camp activities, group sports, fitness classes, personal training, swimming, water aerobics, yoga, and trips to great theme parks round out a summer of fun and fitness.

The Wellspring Plan

At Wellspring Pennsylvania, campers are surrounded by others who understand their weight loss struggle and share common goals: lose weight, get in shape, and have a great summer. And campers do lose a dramatic amount of weight-an average of 4 lbs. per week, with over 70% of campers maintaining or continuing weight loss at home. These weight loss results, which are published in scientific journals and presented at conferences of researchers each year, are unprecedented among adolescent weight loss programs.

The key to our campers’ success is the integrated Wellspring Plan, which provides campers with concrete skills and a simple path to long-term weight loss.

The Wellspring Plan includes:

7_677_19132Activity Management:Wellspring Pennsylvania offers campers the chance to learn a variety of fun new activities, and develop the motivation to stay active when they return home. Campers gain confidence in their physical abilities as they learn to think of themselves as “athletes in training.”

Diet Management: The food at Wellspring Pennsylvania is fantastic and all meals are served in Wellspring’s exclusive private dining area. In addition to enjoying delicious low-fat meals and snacks during their time with us, campers learn to make the same healthy and satisfying food in our world-class culinary and nutrition classrooms and labs, where expert instructors help campers learn to love a much healthier way of cooking and eating!

Lifestyle Change: We know that weight loss is hard work, and we want our campers’ efforts at camp to lead to a lifetime of healthy living. Our behavioral change program was developed for that exact purpose. Through four weekly sessions with Masters- and Doctoral-level Behavior Coaches, campers learn how to manage stress, increase frustration tolerance, set goals, and adapt their current thoughts and habits for long-term weight loss success.

Family Involvement: Family support is a key component of successful weight loss, and we make sure that families are prepared to offer that support when campers return home. Free Family Workshops teach families the fundamental principles of the Wellspring Plan, allowing the entire family to stay “on-program” and make their own healthy lifestyle changes.

DSC_0110_2782Continuing Care: Our commitment to your child’s weight loss doesn’t end when he or she leaves camp. Rather, we offer Continuing Care for one year after camp ends.

Campers from all over the Northeast, Midwest, and as far away as Europe converge at Wellspring Pennsylvania for a life-changing summer near the Poconos. We invite you to explore our exceptional location, fun activities and trips, and the stories of other Wellspring Pennsylvania campers.

Welcome to Wellspring Pennsylvania. And welcome to an incredible, life-changing summer!