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4_383_13283Weight Loss Camp for Women and Co-ed Program

Welcome to Wellspring New York, the most effective all-female and co-educational weight loss camp in the U.S.  Two programs run concurrently but separately at Wellspring New York. One is designed exclusively for girls and young women from age 10 – 26,  while the other provides weight loss and training for males and females ages 10 – 26 in a separate co-educational format. Wellspring New York provides a life-changing summer of weight loss, improved fitness, and the friendship of other young people ready to commit to a lifetime of healthy living.

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4_362_6647Because you’ll be losing weight alongside young women just like you, you’ll find the Wellspring New York environment extremely safe and supportive. Young women are divided into three age-specific programs; Jr. Varsity Camp (youngest girls, from age 11), Varsity Camp, and Collegiate Camp (ages 18+).  Each program provides every participant the opportunity to develop  lasting friendships and learn core weight loss skills, as well as other relevant training for their stage of life.  For example, at our Collegiate Camp for young women over 18, participants learn specific skills for maintaining or continuing weight loss in the college environment, and have behavioral coaching sessions that focus on common college stressors.

The Wellspring Plan

Unlike fat camps or traditional weight loss camps, Wellspring New York is designed so you’ll lose weight and have the strategies and skills to keep the weight off for good. Wellspring New York utilizes the scientifically-proven Wellspring Plan, resulting in consistent weight loss of around 4 lbs. per week.  And best of all, over 70% of Wellspring participants maintain or continue weight loss at home.

3_389_7938The Wellspring Plan includes:

Diet Management: You’ll enjoy a fantastic daily menu that leaves you feeling full and satisfied. We even offer gourmet cooking classes so you learn how to eat right, but also eat well!

Activity Management: Campers enjoy activities like Pilates, personal training, white water rafting, water aerobics, mountain biking, canoeing, aerobic kick-boxing, rock climbing, swimming, soccer, yoga and many, many others. Plus we offer trips to Six Flags Great Escape, Enchanted Forest, and New York City, as well as movies, picnics in the park, and shopping trips.

4_467_10959Behavioral Change: As a fundamental part of the Wellspring New York program, participants work with Behavioral Coaches in the process of attaining their Masters or Doctorate degrees in fields related to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Critical for long-term weight loss success, these sessions help campers set and meet goals, identify and navigate around barriers to weight loss, increase frustration tolerance and improve stress management skills.

Continuing Care: Our commitment to your child’s weight loss doesn’t end when they leaves camp. Rather, we offer Continuing Care through June of the following year, with ongoing support from Behavioral Coaches and online self-monitoring so that habits learned at camp transition to the home environment.

Family Involvement: Wellspring understands that support from family is critical for our participants’ long-term success, so our program includes substantial family training and free Family Workshop Weekends that includes substantial family training.

4_688_19305Leading Weight Loss Camp

The weight loss results achieved at Wellspring New York are unprecedented among weight loss camps and especially those catering just to women.  We invite you to explore the Wellspring New York location, read campers’ weight loss success stories, and begin planning your summer of incredible weight loss, empowering self-confidence, and supportive new friendships.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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