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Weight Loss Camp with Scientifically Proven Results

Wellspring's program is based on decades of scientific research from leading Weight Loss Camp Resultsresearchers in the field from renowned institutions, including Northwestern University Medical School, Pennsylvania State University, Johns Hopkins University, Washington University, and University of California. The result is a proven program for dramatic weight loss that kids, teens and young adults are able to sustain independently at home.

Remarkable Weight Loss at Camp

Wellspring campers consistently demonstrate average weight loss of 4 lbs. per week, and over 30 lbs in 8 weeks. No other non-surgical weight loss program for kids or teens has ever reported such consistently dramatic results, accompanied by significant improvements in mood, affect and outlook. This is one of the many ways that Wellspring Camps differ from other weight loss camps.

Continued Weight Loss at Home

Campers are likely to lose weight at any weight loss camp due to the controlled environment and increased daily activity. However, Wellspring Camps have proven results in the time period that matters most-the months following camp. In 6-12 month follow-up studies, the average camper goes on to LOSE MORE WEIGHT - an additional 5-8 lbs., on average. Moreover, over 70% of campers maintain weight loss from camp, or continue losing more weight.

As the leader in the field of scientific weight loss for young people, Wellspring is invited each year to present our research findings at academic conferences on obesity. And for a good reason: No other weight loss programs for kids or teens-including fat camps and traditional weight loss camps-have ever consistently demonstrated continued weight loss after conclusion of treatment in numerous follow-up studies.

Longer Stay for Better Results

"I owe my life to Wellspring! I came at 306 pounds and am now 180. I went from a size XXXL to a Small. Wellspring not only saved my live, it made my life worth saving."

-Alan K., Plano, TX, Wellspring Texas Camper

Consistent with research results from other programs, Wellspring's 6-week and 8-week programs are more likely to result in continued weight loss at home, and 9-week campers are much more likely to return to a healthy weight. Campers interested in 6-week and 9-week sessions are encouraged to sign up early before these sessions fill up.