Group of climbers sittingWellspring Wisconsin provides the Midwest’s best option for your son or daughter to return to a healthy weight. Equally important, your son or daughter will have an incredibly fun summer – enjoying new friends, new activities, and increased self-esteem. Wellspring Wisconsin campers lose an average of 4 lbs. per week, with 70% of campers maintaining or continuing weight loss when they return home. These weight loss results, which are published each year in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at obesity conferences, are among the most impressive ever recorded for a weight loss program.

The Wellspring Weight Loss Plan

The formula for our campers’ weight loss success lies in the Wellspring Plan, an integrated weight loss plan that campers and their families learn during camp, then easily continue at home.

Wellspring camp members jumping for joy at a Wisconsin weight loss campThe Wellspring Weight Loss Plan Includes:

Diet Management: Delicious, healthful food that campers love. Spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken tenders, burritos-not only do we prepare kid-friendly favorites that are also Wellspring-friendly, we teach campers how to grocery shop and cook so they can continue their healthy eating choices at home.

Activity Management: Campers learn how good it feels to be physically active through group sports, fitness classes, personal training, theme park trips, outdoor adventures, and the traditional camp games that make summer fun and memorable.

Climber posing for the cameraBehavior Management: Campers at Wellspring Wisconsin / Great Lakes experience more than just weight loss. Self-confidence increases over the summer, positive attitudes re-emerge, and healthier habits develop. Guiding this process is our team of Behavior Coaches, who are all in process of getting or have completed their Masters or Doctoral degrees in relevant fields, working with campers on important Cognitive Behavior Therapy skills like stress management, healthy communication, and overcoming weight loss barriers.

Continuing Care: Campers have ongoing support from our staff of Behavior Coaches, as well as regular messaging and outreach, from the moment they leave camp until camp starts the following season.

Family Involvement: The role of the family in campers’ ongoing success has been confirmed in our long-term weight loss studies. So we involve families throughout campers’ stay, including free Family Workshops that train families how to best support their camper at home.

Boy reading a book at one of the weight loss centers in WisconsinWe are proud of the program we’ve developed at Wellspring Wisconsin, and the positive, life-changing transformations that occur here every summer. We invite you to envision your summer of incredible weight loss by exploring the activities and trips we offer, and find out what other Wellspring Wisconsin campers say about theirweight loss success.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wellspring Wisconsin this summer!