Cheak_July_21_053At Wellspring, we believe in empowering YOU with the weight loss knowledge, motivation, and skills to lose weight successfully both during and after your time at camp.

That’s one of the many principles that separate Wellspring from weight loss boot camps or fat camps.

At Wellspring, we teach you how to be self-sufficient in maintaining your weight loss.  Unlike teen boot camps, our weight loss camps are designed to guide you through rapid, dramatic weight loss while at camp, while empowering you to maintain that weight loss (and continue losing weight!) on your own.

Boot camps do cause you to lose weight rapidly, but this is done in an environment that forces compliance with a certain set of exercises-and often a restrictive diet-that is not sustainable after the program ends.  The result is that many people lose weight at boot camps, only to put it right back on when the camp is finished.

DSC07568If you lose weight at a boot camp for teens or kids, what will happen when you return home?  Who will be there to motivate you?

At Wellspring, we make sure that YOU will be your own best source of motivation and information.  Unlike weight loss boot camps, Wellspring teaches you what you need to know about sustainable weight loss-how to avoid fad teen diets, how to fit exercise into your life in a way that works, and how to eat healthier versions of the food you love. We even teach you how to shop and cook on your own so that you can be self-sufficient in keeping your weight off.

Wellspring offers all of the weight loss benefits of a boot camp for teens, but with the added advantage of giving you the skills, knowledge and motivation to continue your healthy lifestyle on your own.  This means that the weight you lose at camp is only the beginning.  When you return home, you’ll be able to continue losing weight and enjoying your new active lifestyle.

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And unlike boot camps, Wellspring Camps are FUN!  We understand that kids and teens should have a great time while losing weight, and we teach you to participate in weight loss activities that you are likely to continue at home.  So at our camps, you can expect to bike, swim, kayak, jump, rock-climb, surf, slide, raft and dance your way to a healthier, fitter you!