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Most Fun & Effective Weight Loss Camp

Welcome to Wellspring Adventure Camp! A once-in-a-lifetime experience for boys and girls ages 11-18, and the first and original Wellspring Camp, Wellspring Adventure Camp is the most fun and effective summer program for fitness and weight loss ever developed for children and teens.

North Carolina Weight Loss Camp

Campers with or without outdoor experience are welcome at Wellspring Adventure Camp for a summer of incredible weight loss, friendship, and unforgettable adventures.  You'll learn the thrill of outdoor exploration in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee: whitewater rafting, kayaking, rock climbing and rappelling, to name a few of the fun activities. Plus, there is hiking, camping, mountain biking, and traditional sports and games that enable campers to get fit and find new activities they love and will continue at home.

NC Weight Loss Camp

Not experienced in outdoor adventure activities?  That describes about 95% of our campers. Wellspring Adventure Camp's expert staff are specially trained to teach outdoor activity to campers of all fitness and experience levels.  This is your opportunity to discover how good it feels to live up to a new challenge, whether it's rafting a river or climbing a mountain.

Adventure Camp campers learn to trust one another and establish strong friendships. Most importantly, campers experience success and gain the tools they will need to be successful weight controllers for life, providing them with ample motivation for continuing to work hard after returning home.

Weight Loss Camp in NC

The Wellspring Plan

On average, campers at Wellspring Adventure Camp lose 4-5 lbs. per week.  Weight comes off rapidly and mood and self-esteem improve even faster. This weight loss success is due to the scientifically-based Wellspring Plan, providing a clear path to weight loss at camp, and the skills campers need to sustain their weight loss independently at home.

The Wellspring Plan includes:

Diet Management: A practical, delicious eating plan (complete with culinary classes!) that campers are able to easily adopt in their lives after camp.

Activity Management: An incredible range of fun on-campus and adventure activities, plus special trips to for paddle boarding, surfing, and visiting theme parks.

Weight Loss Camps in NC

Behavioral Change: Campers learn to manage stress, improve frustration tolerance, and adopt a long-term healthy lifestyle through multiple weekly sessions with a Masters- or Doctoral-level Behavioral Coach.

Continuing Care: Every camper receives ongoing care from our Behavioral Coaches through June 1, 2012, with the added benefit of a $700 Continuing Care Award for successfully completing the first three months of Continuing Care.

Family Involvement: Entire families lose weight through the training provided at our free Family Workshops, plus family members learn how best to support their camper at home. And sending at least one family earns families a $300 Family Workshop Award.

Weight Loss Camp Location

Wellspring Adventure Camp is situated in close proximity to both Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC making it the perfect summer getaway in the mountains! Ideally located on the border of Georgia and North Carolina, we take trips into the Blue Ridge Mountains hiking, rock climbing and whitewater rafting and enjoy on-base fitness and gym activities as well. It's nice after a day or two of adventuring to come back to cozy dorm-style beds. Come and join us this summer!