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Weight Loss Camp in Georgia for Boys & Girls Ages 11 - 17

Welcome to Wellspring Georgia!  Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Wellspring Georgia offers boys and girls ages 11-17 a fantastic summer of fun, friendship, and life-changing weight loss. Rapid and dramatic weight loss is achieved through a proven and comprehensive program provided by a staff of trained professionals.

Wellspring Georgia campers are boys and girls with similar goals: to lose weight, get in shape, and have fun. Campers can expect to lose a remarkable amount of weight at camp-an average of 4 lbs. per week. And through weight loss studies that we conduct each year, we know 70% of our campers maintain or continue losing weight back at home-results that are virtually unprecedented among weight loss programs. You can expect these same results at Wellspring Georgia.

The Wellspring Plan

The weight loss success experienced by Wellspring campers is no accident. Rather, it is the result of the Wellspring Plan, an integrated weight loss program developed and carefully analyzed by leading researchers in adolescent weight loss.

The Wellspring Plan includes:

Activity Management: Team sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, softball, and kickball, along with swimming, hiking, biking, personal training classes, climbing, and water aerobics-these are just some of the activities that campers enjoy in a supportive environment. And by setting achievable activity goals, building confidence and skill level, and learning that exercise doesn’t have to be boring, a vast majority of our campers continue with their new active lifestyle when they return home.

Diet Management: Our eating plan is simple and easy to replicate at home. We introduce campers to a delicious low-fat diet, show them how to cook with weekly culinary classes, teach them to shop for similar low-fat food choices, and reward them for developing the daily habit of self-monitoring food consumption. The menu at Wellspring Georgia is kid-friendly, delicious, and healthful.

Family Involvement: The family’s role in supporting a camper’s ongoing weight loss is critically important. That’s why we offer free Family Workshops during camp to teach you about the Wellspring Plan. We believe so strongly in the importance of family involvement that we offer a $300 Family Workshop Award for sending at least one family member.

Behavioral Change: Our campers have a blast at camp, but we know that serious behavioral change is necessary for our campers to maintain the weight loss they’ve worked so hard for. The behavioral change component of camp pairs your child with a Masters- or Doctoral-level behavioral coach for four weekly behavioral change sessions, to learn stress management, goal setting, and skills for overcoming barriers to weight loss.

Continuing Care: We want a summer at Wellspring Georgia to be life changing, so we continue to support your child through our behavioral change program until June 1, 2013. Our Online communication with behavioral coaches, self-monitoring, and support from the Wellspring community mean continued success for your child. And to help campers retain the habits learned at camp, we offer a $700 Continuing Care Award for successfully completing 3-months of Continuing Care.

We invite you to explore the Wellspring Georgia campus, read camper success stories, and find out what a typical day at camp is like.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wellspring Georgia this summer!