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Weight Loss Camp for Young Men, Ages 18-24

Wellspring  La Jolla's Young Men's Program was developed to meet the unique weight loss needs of young men transitioning from high school to more adult roles and responsibilities. At this pivotal age, the lifestyle choices made by young adults can have a lasting impact on their future opportunities.  We have designed the Young Men's Program to guide participants to a healthy, active, engaged lifestyle of fitness and overall well-being.

Weight Loss Camp for Young Men

Many of the participants in our Young Men's Program have struggled with weight for years, never able to find a solution that kept the weight off long-term. Others are trying to manage more recent weight gain that's occurred as a result of the transition away from high school and their familiar home surroundings. In either case, participants find welcome relief from the supportive environment at Wellspring  La Jolla, where they are surrounded by other young men who understand the difficulties of dealing with a weight issue.

Young Men's Weight Loss Camp

Campers have access to a fantastic range of activities, with the goal of developing skills in those activities that they are likely to continue at home. Personal training, yoga, basketball, boogie boarding, kettlebell, hiking, camping, biking, racquetball-these are just a few of the fitness activities available between the state-of-the-art fitness center on-campus, and the surrounding natural wonderland of La Jolla Cove. Culinary and nutrition classes, evening programs, and special trips to southern California's famous tourist destinations round out the ultimate summer experience.

CA Men's Weight Loss Camp

Behavioral coaching sessions focus on building self-esteem, learning positive assertive communication, setting and achieving goals-skills that are essential for weight management as well as numerous other challenges faced in adult life. Young men learn to identify and handle the barriers that have kept them from successful weight loss in the past, and develop a plan for successfully managing it in the future.

Men's CA Weight Loss Camp

Young men who struggle with their weight have an incredible opportunity at Wellspring  La Jolla-the opportunity for a fresh start as they enter adulthood.  This is the summer to lose weight, get fit, and learn the skills for a lifetime of healthy living.