When kids, teens and young adults lose weight at Wellspring, amazing things happen in their lives-they become happier and more positive, perform better in school, have closer relationships with friends and family, and gain the confidence to take on new challenges in their lives.

Below are the stories of a number of recent Wellspring Campers-just a few of the thousands of individuals we’ve helped reach a healthier weight.

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  • Katelynn lost 26 pounds and found the best within herself at camp…
  • Hank’s life changing experience at camp also transformed his father…
  • Cassie no longer has the word “impossible” in her vocabulary…
  • Steve’s father sees “a new person” in his son since his 40 lb. weight loss…
  • Rachel sees Wellspring as the best decision she ever made…
  • Catie’s mom is amazed at her daughter’s newfound confidence…
  • Matt feels great returning to school 43 pounds lighter…
  • Marena was dreading 4 weeks at Wellspring. But much to her surprise…
  • Daniella’s amazing change: 74 pounds and 5 pants sizes …
  • Keri’s family was concerned about her unhappiness…
  • Andrew sees a future of possibility after years of struggling, …

weight-loss-camp-florida-success-1Katelynn S.

Katelynn S., Port St. Lucie, FL, lost 26 pounds in 8 weeks at camp, with a sustained total weight loss of 38 pounds.

Wellspring has given me opportunities I never thought possible. I now walk through the halls as a freshman, with my head held high, completely confident.  I’m not perfect, no one is, but Wellspring helped me be the best me, I could be.

I hope to one day return to Wellspring as a counselor, to proceed to help teens struggling with the same issue that I once did. Wellspring gave me the tools, knowledge, and self-esteem I needed, in order to live a long, successful, and most of all, enjoyable life!

– Katelynn S., Port St. Lucie, FL, lost 26 pounds at camp and an additional 12 pounds at home. 

From Katelynn’s Mom: I am proud to report she has maintained her commitment to the Wellspring Plan as well as losing additional weight over the last 12 months. She started high school two weeks ago and has started cheerleading; she is so happy and confident!

–Rachel, Mom of Katelynn

Hank_baHank S.

Hank S., Vero Beach, FL, lost 63 pounds in 8 weeks
at camp, and an additional 30 pounds in 4 months at home.

Going to Wellspring gave me the tools I needed to achieve lifelong weight loss. I was 293 pounds on June 3rd, 2009 and lost 63 pounds during camp by August 8th, 2009. Since I have been home I have continued to use the program along with my Dad and am now down another 30 pounds since getting home from Wellspring and weigh 195 pounds. My father has lost 30 pounds as he continues to get his steps by walking 9 holes of golf each evening after work and is down to 220 pounds also. We use the program together and that’s what helps me keep going. The parents training classes on July 4th weekend helped him get a head start and have the house and kitchen prepared for my return home in August.

No one can ever believe the difference this has made in my life. Can you even imagine the difference in the way I feel after leaving school for the summer at 300 pounds and returning at almost 200 pounds? The way people now treat me compared to before and the way I feel about myself is so wonderful.

It was very hard work during camp and sometimes you felt like you could give up but the staff and your fellow campers all pull together and encourage each other to keep pushing. In the end, I believe it is the most positive life changing experience an overweight kid can ever go though. Thank you Wellspring!

–Hank S., Vero Beach, FL, lost 63 pounds at camp and an additional 30 pounds at home

weight_loss_camps_texas_teens_girls_boys_women_young_adults01Cassie B.

Cassie B., Waco, Tx lost 31 pounds in 8 weeks at
camp, 10 lbs at home, and an additional 29 pounds during a mentor summer at camp.

After struggling for years with my weight, my dad had seen enough. My sophomore year of high school would be my last fat year. My dad did research on weight loss programs and camps. I already had tried and attempted the sets-you-up-for-failure fad diets like the cabbage soup diet, slim fast, and other programs like Weight Watchers that never really made a lasting impression. It was time for something completely different and Wellspring was it. I discovered so much about myself and lost 31 lbs. in eight weeks.

I lost 10 more pounds at home and had an amazing junior year.  I decided I had to go back to Wellspring. I was very pleased to be accepted as a mentor for the 2010 summer. My second summer at wellspring was just a productive as the first! I enjoyed being a role model to other campers who were losing faith and hope. I showed them that it is possible to turn your life around and that you don’t have to be overweight for the rest of your life.

Now that I am home again from another fantastic summer at Wellspring I am excited for my senior year! From an XL top and size 13 jeans to a new S top and size 5 jeans, I am ready to make this year a great one. Thanks to Wellspring I am also on the cross country team! Me?!? On a sports team?!?  Impossible is no longer a word in my vocabulary! I truly can say that Wellspring is the best decision I have made. I am a new person, 70 lbs. lighter, healthier, happier, and genuinely excited for the future.

–Cassie B., Waco, TX, lost 70 lbs. over two summers with Wellspring

weight-loss-camp-teens-successSteve M.

Steve M., lost 20 lbs. in 4 weeks at camp and an additional 20 lbs. at home.

I wanted to thank you and all the staff again for the great experience Steve had at camp. The one thing that I noticed is that everyone seemed to really care about the wellbeing of the kids.  I never got the impression that they were just there because it was “a job”.

Steve was really proud when he saw all his friends on Sunday and is feeling great about himself. He is a different person now and he is very excited about his progress.  We are very proud of him.He lost 20 lbs. at camp and another 20 since coming home. Our family has now lost a combined 96 lbs. since Steve started camp.

–David M., Dad of Steve, North Street, Michigan

weight-loss-camp-florida-success-1Rachel W., lost 25 lbs. in 6 weeks at camp and continues to lose weight at home.

Rachel W.

Wellspring was the best decision that I made! I made friends and learned things that I wouldn’t trade for anything. This past summer was a life changing experience. I would recommend Wellspring to anyone who is looking to be healthier and happier and is willing to make a major change to their lifestyle.

Now I eat right and exercise and have lost a good amount of weight since camp. When people ask me about the Wellspring program they tend to use the word “diet” and I tell them that Wellspring is more than a “diet,” it truly is a lifestyle because, unlike other things I have tried, it’s sustainable. I loved my experience at Wellspring! It was the best summer ever!!

–Rachel W.., Scarsdale, NY, lost 25 lbs. in 6 weeks at Wellspring

CBach_baCatie B.

Catie B., Conroe, TX, lost 18 pounds in 4 weeks at
camp, and an additional 27 pounds at home.

Catie had so much fun and made so many friends at Wellspring. Never in a million years did either of us think she could do the things that she accomplished at camp, but she did it! Now, she’s lost almost 50 pounds (18 at camp and another 27 at home).

Yesterday she even completed her first day of holiday boot camp at the YMCA and she was beaming when she got home, saying it felt great to be able to say she did it!

Wellspring gave me back my daughter – with a newfound confidence! Today – thanks to Wellspring – she knows there’s nothing she can’t accomplish!

–Jill B., Conroe, TX

Matt Z.

weight-loss-camp-florida-success-3Matt Z., Vero Beach, FL, lost 43 pounds in 6 weeks at camp and has continued to lose weight at home.

Wellspring was so much fun I didn’t feel like it was work. I made good friends and we helped each other through the program. When I went back to school in September everyone was so happy to see what I accomplished and I felt so good about myself.

–Matt Z., Vero Beach, FL, lost 43 pounds at camp and has continued to lose weight at home.

From Matt’s Mom: Thank you and your incredible staff at Wellspring for transforming Matthew into a happier young man.  As the school year approached Matt and I spent much time discussing the challenges he would face returning to boarding school. I am thrilled to report the year has started off incredibly well. All who knew Matt last year were taken back with his accomplishments this summer.  He religiously wears his pedometer and works out at the gym.

Matt‘s positive attitude is a direct result of his weight loss.  He feels so much better both physically and emotionally.  I am so proud of Matthew’s hard work. I thank all of you for being a part of his wonderful journey!

–Karyn, Mom of Matt

Marena D.

Marena_abMarena D., Kamuela, HI, lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks
at camp and an additional 20 pounds at home

My name is Marena and I am 16 years old. I am NOT the type of person into sports and exercise. I am a singer and an actress. Last summer, I came across Wellspring and thought it would be terrible. I went in with the mindset that I was about to encounter the worst four weeks of my life and I would just hold my breath and work as hard as I could until it was over. I did not in any way think I would have fun or enjoy anything I did. After two days I was already having so much fun!

We did so many different activities. My favorites were- Karate, Swimming, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, and Canoeing. I also thoroughly enjoyed Culinary. To my surprise, the food was AMAZING. I have been going to sleep away camps since I was 10 years old and the experiences I’ve had at all these camps put together doesn’t even compare to the experience I had at Wellspring. I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks and by 3 months after camp, I lost 40 in total.

The friendships I made at Wellspring are the strongest friendships I have with anyone and I still talk to so many of these people every day. My roommate is my best friend and I love her and all my other friends from Wellspring so much! Wellspring changed my life forever. I’m so happy I went and I learned so much and gained (and lost ;] ) so much from this experience.

–Marena D., Kamuela, HI, lost 20 pounds at camp and lost 20 more pounds at home.


Daniella_abDaniella G., New York, NY, lost 28 pounds in 4
weeks at camp and an additional 46 pounds at home.

Daniella G.

After losing 5 pants sizes and 74 pounds, I can definitely say that Wellspring changed my life! Wellspring taught me not only dieting and exercising but also exposed me to a whole new lifestyle and way of behavior!

I feel so much better about myself, and more confident of how I look and behave. I’m proud of myself for making the change! It’s totally worth it!

–Daniella G., New York, NY, lost 28 pounds at camp and lost 46 more pounds at home.

Keri K.

Keri_abKeri K., Laurel, MD, lost 31 pounds in 8 weeks at
camp and an additional 15 pounds at home.

I went to Wellspring this past summer, and it changed my life.  Before I went to Wellspring I was totally unhappy with myself and my family was concerned.  I went online one night and found Wellspring and was really optimistic about it.  My parents were unsure about sending me away for 8 weeks, but as they found out it was my chance to turn my life around.

I lost 35 pounds at camp, found amazing friends, had the time of my life, and went home and took what I learned at camp and put it to use and lost 15 more pounds so far. I knew I had the ability to make my life better and Wellspring helped me so much along the way.

Keri K., Laurel, MD, lost 31 pounds at camp and lost 15 more pounds at home.

From Keri’s Mom: Keri is doing wonderful, looks wonderful, playing the sports she loves, and is spending lots of time with Sylvia in VA these days. Our success story is one I will always be thankful to you and your team of great people for!!!I wish you the best of everything.

–Mary Beth, Mom of Keri

Andrew F.

weight_loss_camps_texas_teens_girls_boys_women_young_adults02Andrew F., Houston, TX, lost 22 pounds in 4 weeks
at camp and an additional 36 pounds at home.

I can’t remember when I first started gaining weight, but it really became a problem after Military school, which I attended in middle school. I believe it was a mix of ignorance of nutrition and the yearning to overcome many personal issues in my life. It led me to drop out of school for a year. Finally I relented when my mother found me a new school, at which I met a person who was so compassionate and wanted to help me change. With his urging, and my mothers checkbook (ha ha) I was able to attend Wellspring.

The results were awe inspiring, and on such an easy program to apply to your life! I am now equipped with the knowledge and determination to continue such a radical change. Losing so much weight has helped with all the clichés you hear such as confidence, self esteem, etc., and it has also opened up so many new doors to my life. I now have the option for collegiate wrestling, or possibly military service, or any aspect of life with physical attributes.  Thank you.

–Andrew F., Houston, TX, lost 22 pounds at camp and an additional 36 pounds at home.