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Wellspring Campers are Just Like You

At Wellspring, you'll meet people who are just like you-kids, teens and young adults trying to lose weight, get in shape, have a great summer, and make lifelong friends.  Imagine a summer surrounded by people your age, all working together toward a common goal, supporting each other through new challenges, and celebrating one another's milestones.

That's a summer at Wellspring.

Weight Loss Camp for Teens

Admissions Criteria

WEIGHT: Applicants ages 10+ to all camps must be at least 20 pounds overweight and have been struggling with their weight for at least one year. Campers ages 5-11 will be admitted to Wellspring Family Camp if they are overweight.

ATTITUDE: Campers must view Wellspring as an opportunity. Wellspring will not admit campers who are clearly opposed to attending, or who have a history of oppositional behavior or violence.

"I lost a lot of weight and my self-confidence shot up. The counselors were amazing and I made a ton of new friends. Overall it was an amazing summer."
-Josh H., Kaysville, UT, Wellspring La Jolla Camper

MEDICAL: Wellspring will not admit campers with medical issues requiring hospitalization.

Admission Process

Step 1:  Submit a Wellspring Camps Application.  This may be done over the phone by calling (866) 364-0808, or online by clicking Enroll Now at the top of the page.

A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of application, and varies according to program length:

Step 2: Complete an Enrollment Package.  Following receipt of your completed application and deposit, you will receive an enrollment package and instructions on how to log in to your individual Online Account via email. You will need to complete a few online forms as well as several printable forms for you to sign and upload into your Online Account. Families are asked to complete the package at least 8 days before the start of camp. Campers are not officially admitted to Wellspring until all forms in the enrollment package have been received.

Step 3: Pay the Tuition Balance. The remaining balance of tuition is due at least 8 days before the session start date. Payment can be made by credit card, check or money order, or student loan disbursement. Tuition and listed fees include all expenses while the camper remains at Wellspring, with the following limited exceptions:

Cancellation Insurance
Families may purchase cancellation insurance from Wellspring for an additional 15% of the tuition cost. Families who purchase insurance will be entitled to a pro rata tuition refund for all days missed. Cancellation insurance may be selected at the time tuition is paid (at least 8 days before the session start date).

Questions about enrolling at Wellspring? Call us at 866.364.0808, or chat live now .